Creating an interior is always an adventure. This journey begins with desire, and ends with embodiment: your unique space. Thanks to our highly qualified and experienced team, the whole process becomes a perfect adventure for you.

1. Sketch design

What we do: You see a visualization of your future home and are given a comprehensive presentation of engineering solutions.

2. Project documentation

What we do: We draw up plans for the future project, according to the approved visualizations. Our architect develops functional engineering schemes and produces the necessary drawings, so tasks can be assigned to the relevant specialists. This phase allows us to move to the next stage and offer an accurate assessment.

3. Technical considerations

What we do: We work with contractors on all technical issues related to the design project. These include design, engineering and construction, as well as preparation of the technical specifications for the configuration of the project.

4. Budget

What we do: We liaise with the Client and establish the final project budget. We hold tenders among contractors, suppliers and select the most favorable conditions for you.

5. Working draft

What we do: We integrate contractors proposals into the design project and modify visualizations to reflect changes in the project post budgeting. We detail plans, scans, schemes of non-standard elements, units, and introduce information related to the interior design.

6. Designer’s supervision and Project Management

What we do: We draw up a schedule of implementation, financing, deliveries and oversee the project until completion. We send weekly reports on the progress of the project’s implementation, as well as ensuring any information relating to necessary actions, on the part of the client is communicated. We monitor the work of contractors, in terms of time and quality, so results match visualizations at each stage. We decorate the house, provide fresh flowers and create the perfect atmosphere in your dream home after the completion of construction!

Creating a project takes two months and its embodiment - from six to nine. It all depends on the size and complexity of the work. Maria Fedorenko and an experienced team of amazing professionals will work on creating your space:

The Designer

Develops the space, its appearance and key solutions for the project. Thanks to them, the interior acquires a unique atmosphere and truly becomes yours.

The Manager

Supervises the implementation of the project: assigns contributors, communicates with contractors, controls staging. Thanks to them, everything goes according to plan and time frames are observed.

The Architect

Organizes space: designs zoning, building structures and develops engineering solutions. Thanks to them, the space evolves to be comfortable and functional.

The Visualizer

Creates beautiful images from which the space can be viewed before implementation. Thanks to them, everything can be previewed at every stage of the process.

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